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Monday, August 22, 2011

Doing the Dishes

This is what my counter top looks like right now.  I know, nice.  It seems I am ALWAYS doing dishes.  I wish I could manage the turn-over of said dishes.  Every night I say I am going to start the dish washer, and then I forget, so all of the breakfast dishes get to sit next to the sink in the morning.  They inevitably sit there until I decide I am in the mood to empty the dishwasher, which I should be doing immediately after it cools down from the drying cycle, but never do.  I admit it, I am lazy when it comes to the unloading of any cleaning appliance.  It is just such a daunting task, wah, wah.  Do your kids use 50 cups in a day, mine do.  I need to get an handle on it, I seem to be creating a larger workload for myself.  Maybe I will get to the dishwasher after I cook dinner tonight- because I need to update my phone, and right now, that is so much more important to me.  The dishes, I am sure, will be there for me when the proper time comes.  It's all about priorities;)


Kristen said...

ugh i dislike doing dishes! 10+ months of washing bottles/sippy cups by hand everyday is old. i've started putting the sippy cups in the dishwasher!

Echo said...

I'm with you. I can never get caught up on the dishes and I HATE doing them. I'd like to think that if I had a dishwasher I would be better at it, but chances are, I wouldn't.

New follower :)

Jackie said...

Dishes has got to be my least favorite chore. My kids used to dirty all the glasses every day. I now make them keep the same cup all day and just wash it out and set in on the counter each time they are done. This way it is ready to reuse when they want another drink.

Elena said...

I'm horrible at unloading the dishwasher! But, I will admit that I hate to unload the dryer even more. I always say that if I'm rich one day I'll have someone fold all my laundry, do my dishes and blow dry my hair each day. My life goals. ;)